Ghaid receives coding game award

My Impossible Platform

My Impossible Platform is a coding game I created.  It has 20 levels and if you count the game over screen and the 40 second screen it is 21 levels.  People claim that level 5 is impossible.  It is not.  Every level is possible.  I claim the average person takes at least 1 hour to complete all levels.

My Impossible Platform gets harder over time.  After level 5, there is the red lava of doom.

On level 10 you see the red lava zombies of doom.  They are long, short fat and skinny.  My advice is don’t hug the red lava zombies of doom.

At level 15-20 there are walking red lava zombies of doom.  They are crazy.  They even spin.

If you don’t want to feel pain for 1 hour, play my game.

Here is how you find it-

Google Scratch2

Click on Scratch2 on Scratch

Search for ghaidtheking

Click on imposibil platform

or here is the link:

by Ghaid

Book Character Parade

Book Week Parade

What in the world are people wearing?!!

On the 20th of August the whole school had a book character parade.  We all dressed up as book characters.


To start with, we arrived at the parade in the BER building.  We also saw Cruella Deville, otherwise known as Ms Borelli.


Afterwards, we were as happy as Mr Bean.  Aren’t we correct?  The preps and kindergarteners were so cute.  We couldn’t resist gazing at them.  The 1/2s were so creative.  It blew our minds like a volcano and why.  The 3/4s had different results.  Here they are:

4A-great and had a big pack of dwarfs.



3B-not to show off but they are outstanding

The grade 5/6s were OK but didn’t make a lot of effort.

3B finally got up on stage after 30,000 years.  Well, not really, probably just half an hour.  After 3B the teachers had a turn.  It was fun seeing them.

The last thing we did was…boring.  We had to come back to class and do work.  At least we got to wear our outfits all day.

We felt amazing and were pretty impressed with the outfits.  It was a fantastic day, never to be forgotten.

By Noura and Angeleen

Scienceworks and Williamstown Beach

Going to the Beach and Scienceworks

On Wednesday, the 15.8.18 the best day of my life, we went on our excursion with the 3-4 team and the teachers.  We played at the lovely beach. We had a great time at the beach although we went to Scienceworks too.

 Firstly, we went to the freezing park and we ate our delicious lunch at the park.

Secondly, we played at the freezing cold beach for at least 5 or 10 minutes.

Thirdly, we went to the Blast Off exhibition.  We learnt about humungus rockets.

Sadly, we had to go back to school.

I felt incredibility happy and I had lots of fun.  My favourite part was the wheel chair race!

       By Hamza





Broom! Broom! went the bus.  On Wednesday 15th August. The 3/4’s went to Williamstown beach to have a snack and to Scienceworks to learn about forces.

First,  the 3B and 4A went on one of the big buses.  I was sitting with Angeleen.  The bus was very bumpy. Me and Angeleen were talking about jobs on the way to Williamstown beach.

Finally, we had our yummy snack. I ate biscuits, chocolate and drank water.  We went to the beach.  I was collecting special shells.  After, me and L.T were making a sandcastle.  It was big.

Sadly, we had to leave for Scienceworks.

Secondly, we drove to the amazing Scienceworks.  We ate our yummy lunch quickly so we can see amazing things inside Scienceworks.We went to the section called Think Ahead and Sportsworks. In Think Ahead I designed a badge. In Sportsworks I was racing Angeleen and I won.  Then we went to a program called blast off and learn how rockets blast off.

In conclusion, my favourite prat is when me and Angeleen were racing and I won.  I felt excited and exhausted.  By Jannah


Williamstown Beach and Scienceworks

Bram went the bus speedily travelling along the free way! The grade 3-4 helpers and teachers went to Scienceworks and Williamstown Beach.

We went because we are learning about forces and functions.

We went on Wednesday 15 of August.

We went to Williams town Beach then Scienceworks.


We went out in the freezing cold and we ate our snack on the chairs.

Then, I couldn’t wait to play with the cold sand.

After I collected some shiny shells and I saw some seaweed.

Afterwards, we went to the pergola to take the sand out of our shoes.

Then I couldn’t wait to go to Scienceworks.

We went to Scienceworks and ate our delicious lunch hungrily.

After Mrs Francione said you can play in this place.

Then I saw the green small motorbike and I rode on the motorbike.

Then, I played on the small playground.

Afterwards, we went to blast-off. We saw some rockets blast off and how people float in the rocket. We saw how people drink, exercise and how astronauts sleep.

After sadly, we went home.

At the end of the day, I felt impressed and joyful.

My favourite part was when I designed a car and when we raced someone in the wheel chair race.

By Mustapha


Williamstown Beach     

On the I5th of August the grade 3/4s went to the Williamstown beach and Scienceworks.

We went to the beach. We ate and collected the shells and seaweed. We played with the sand. Then we went to the Scienceworks. I made a car and rode the bike. We went to the blast off show. We came back to school.

Overall I had a brilliant time at Scienceworks. I learnt about forces. It                                                 was exhilarating and amazing!

We had fun at the Williamstown beach. I felt happy and calm being by the water.

By Jayden



Yay! Yesterday the grade three and fours went to Scienceworks to learn about forces.

First, we went on the gigantic bus to go to Williamstown beach then Scienceworks.

At the beach we collected shells and we saw a turtle.

After that we arrived at Scienceworks. We went to the first exhibit called Think Ahead. There was a teleporter and an emotion room.

Then we went to the next exhibit called Sports works where there were lots of sport things like a wheel chair game, wall climbing and even a 3D glasses soccer game.

Lastly we went to the blast off exhibition. We learned lots of things about rockets and space like how to eat and sleep in space.

My favourite part was the teleporter. It’s this cylinder thing. It has a door. You open the door. You go inside then you disappear.  It was lots of fun I hope we go there again.

By Wurd

first aid training

On Monday 23rd July 3B learnt some essential first aid skills.

We learnt how to get help if there is an emergency and how important it is to know your address.

We practised putting each other in the recovery position and checking for breathing.

Hopefully we will never have to use these skills but we are prepared just in case.

information report


My name is Wurd. I am a student at Bethal Primary School and I’m eight and a half years old.

I have brown eyes and short black hair. I also have light coloured skin and I’m short.

I love my family. I have four people in my family. My Mum is the oldest, she is forty four.  Adam is the oldest brother. He is seventeen. I have another brother who is fifteen and his name is Moe. The youngest one is Rayan.  He is my stepbrother and he is three years old. Rayan lives in Qatar with his mum and my dad. My cat’s name is Ace and he is one-year-old.

I have a few hobbies. I love playing video games and I really like watching Anime. I also like watching TV. My favourite show is Miracouls.

People say that I’m smart and funny. I can speak two languages. I speak English and a bit of Arabic.

information report



I am a boy at Bethal Primary School. My name is Mousa. I’m 9 years old and I’m a student.

I have black hair and I am tall for my age. I have brown eyes; I also have dark skin.


I have 6 people in my family. I have 2 sisters; Sandy is the oldest sister; she is fifteen years old. Ashtar is fourteen years old. Steven is my baby brother, he’s 6 months’ old, and of course my mum and dad.


I have a few hobbies. I like riding my bike at the park. I like playing tiggy with my friend Hamza.


People say I am kind and funny. I can speak four languages, Arabic, Assyrian, English and Spanish.

information report


I have black hair and I have brown skin. I have brown eyes. I’m 8 years old and I have short hair.  I have 2 sisters.  I have a dad and a mum and a baby brother.  I like people and I like my family because they are nice.


I have many hobbies.  I like helping my mum with shopping and cleaning.  I like riding my bike.  I also like drawing pictures.


I am kind, funny and friendly.


By Jayden