Check out these videos of our budding musicians in 3B

L.T is learning how to play the violin and played Twinkle Twinkle at our Education Week Concert.

Snteya and Angeleen are learning how to play the keyboards.

Watch Snteya play Twinkle Twinkle and Angeleen play Mary Had A Little Lamb

Each week they enthusiastically go off to their music lesson and this week we got to see the great stuff that they have been learning.

We are so proud of them!!!

Recounts about our excursion to The Shrine of Remembrance

The Day We Went To The Shrine Of Remembrance

What an exciting and excellent day!

The grade 3 /4s, teachers and helpers went to the Shrine of Remembrance.  On the 11th of May we learnt about Australian commemorations there.

First we looked around the grounds of the amazing shrine.

Next, Andrew, our tour guide, showed us some things inside the shrine.

After lunch, we watched two videos.  Another tour guide called Louise showed us some more things.

We felt proud and sad but we had a brilliant time.

Written by Christina, Mousa, Rami, Mikayla, Jayden, Olga Ghaid and Mushtapa.


A memorable day at the memorial

Wow, what a wonderful day I had on Friday the 11th of May!  All the 3/4 students, teachers and helpers went to the Shrine of Remembrance.  Our topic in integrates studies is Into the Unknown, which includes Australian events in history, symbols and cultural items.

First, we arrived at our destination and you should have seen the look on people’s faces.  Everyone had awesome smiles, because we were on a bus for at least one hour.  We entered the Shrine of Remembrance and saw the eternal flame.  Everyone gathered around to take a look at the fire.  Then we saw a massive statue.  It had two soldiers on it.  We had a tour guide named Andrew.

After a while, another tour guided named Louise showed us a story titled-The two mules and we learnt how kids used to contact their relatives at war.  They contacted them by sending letters, which would take a very long time to get to them.  We read some examples of the letters soldiers would send their children.

Finally, we went to the crypt and saw a statue.  On the statue there was a father that fought in World War 1 and a son that fought in World War 2.  The statue represented families and their losses during war.

We were proud and sad for the soldiers but we still had an awesome  and fun day.  Unfortunately, we did not get to go on the balcony but that did not interrupt the fun.

Written by Noura


Shrine of Remembrance

Wow!  The Shrine of Remembrance was excellent!  We went to the Shrine of Remembrance on the 11th of May.  The grade 3 and 4 students went and so did the teachers and parent helpers.

Once we got off the bus we looked around the outside of the shrine.  It looked so beautiful outside the shrine.  There were carvings on the building that were already teaching us a lot.

Next, we had a tour.  We looked at medals, learnt when World War 1 started and ended and saw sunlight shining on the word love.  The stone said “Greater Love Hath No Man”  We had some lunch.

Finally we watched 2 videos.  One was about remembering soldiers and the other one was about how children lived during World War 2.  Then we had another tour.  This time we read children’s letters to their dads during war time.

I felt happy and sad.  I felt sad because soldiers had lost their lives just to make the world a better place.  I felt happy because I loved the Shrine of Remembrance.

Written by Angeleen