Miss Barker


We were very lucky to have a fantastic student teacher, Miss Barker, work with us for 6 weeks.

We learnt so much from her and we hope she learnt a lot at Bethal.

She will make an awesome teacher.

Sadly we said goodbye to her last Friday but wish her all the best with her teaching career.


NVG visit

On Tuesday, 13th August, the grade 3 children went to the National Gallery of Victoria to see some spanish art.

First we walked along Southbank.  We saw the murky Yarra River and we took a group photo standing in front of a spanish mosaic.

After that, we entered the National Gallery of Victoria and met our guide David.  He led us around the gallery showing us some lovely spanish art.  We did some drawing activities along the way.  He told us some very interesting stories about the artists and the art work.

We saw the Weeping Woman, which is a well known painting by Pablo Picasso.   We also saw the biggest  paining in the whole gallery,  It was called The Banquet of Cleopatra.

Before returning to school we ate lunch and played in a nearby park.

It was an amazing day!!


What do we want to be when we grow up?

Ahmad wants to be a builder

Mohammed wants to be a gym instructor.

Nivesh wants to be a teacher.

Zara wants to be a tennis player.

Tiarna wants to be a teacher.

Weam wants to be a teacher.

Adam wants to be an athlete.

Noor wants to be a doctor.

Mariam wants to be a police officer.

Abbey wants to be a teacher.

Sra wants to be a dentist.

Yunus wants to teach others about Islam.


‘Classrooms should not have bins’

The children in 3A have been learning how to write persuasive texts to convince readers to change their actions or beliefs.

As we are also learning about Sustainability, the students wrote persuasive texts titled ‘ Classrooms should not have bins’

Here are two from Zara and Zayne

Classrooms should not have bins

I strongly believe classrooms should have bins.  Everybody knows bins are very useful.  Our classroom will look clean and we will have a place to put our rubbish.  Also, we can bring any food in the world we want.

Firstly, if we do have bins our classroom will be tidy and spotless.  We won’t have rubbish EVERYWHERE!

Secondly, if we don’t have bins where will we put our rubbish?  We will have to take it home and we will have to fill our pockets up.

The last reason is, we can bring any food we want and we don’t have to go and buy containers.  Don’t you think students should be allowed to bring any food they want?

As you can see, we need bins to stay clean and tidy.  We need the freedom to bring any food we want.  I am telling you now, keep your bin!

By Zara 3A



Classroooms should not have bins.

Most people think that we SHOULD have bins. I am one of those people.  Bins are one of the greatest inventions, even though, all they do is hold rubbish.  If we don’t have bins, where will we put our rubbish?  If we don’t have bins we can’t bring any food to school.  If we don’t have bins our classroom would be a disgusting mess.

Firstly, if we had no bins, we would have nowhere to put our rubbish.  That means that people will throw their rubbish on the floor!

Secondly, we can bring ANY and I mean ANY FOOD because we have a bin to put the waste in from our LOVED foods like chips and lollies.

Lastly, classrooms will be clean because we have a place to put rubbish.

To conclude, you should see we need bins for we need a place to put our rubbish.  We can bring any food to school and our classroom will be clean and tidy.  Keep classroom bins!

By Zayne


History Box

On Thursday, 7th of March, the grade 3 and 4 children attended an amazing incursion called History Box.  Barry and Cynda were so information and we learnt about indigenous australians as well as european settlement in Australia.  We also had fun doing hands on activities.  These activities were making clay love tokens, writing with ink and a quill pen, grinding spices with a mortar and pestle and playing a game called Ngaka Ngaka.


Bethal Values- Respect, Collaboration and Perseverance

Respect is treating others in a way that makes then feel cared for and important.  We respect places, property and ourselves too.

Collaboration is working and playing nicely in a group.  It means sharing ideas and objects.  It also means helping and including others.

Perseverance is never giving up and trying your best, no matter how hard the task seems.  Think-I can’t do it yet but I’ll keep trying.